Pleasure hike Refuge - Breitenberg

We started today's pleasure hike at the observation car park after the refuge in the direction of Oppenau. There is also a take-off point for paragliders there and on a clear day you can see across the Rhine plain to the Vosges mountains.

Today's goal should be the Inn to the Breitenberg where we were going to stop for lunch. The way there leads partly also a little bit steeper downhill. Very nice is also the viewpoint Buchkopfturm, which you pass.

In total, the one-way route is about 4 km and it goes down more than 300 meters of altitude difference. You can also find the way below on Google Maps.

The surprise was waiting for us when we arrived on the Breitenberg. We had not made a reservation by phone and found the restaurant closed, i.e. with the sign "Only for hotel guests".


So back to the Renchtal Hutwhich we had passed about a kilometre ago. You can see the impressions of the hike in my video below:

The Renchtal Hut belongs to the Hotel Dollenberg, which certainly underlines the quality standard.

We have chosen snails with garlic as a starter. The main course was roast veal or Wiener Schnitzel. With it a Pinot Gris or a beer.

I have put together a few impressions here:

My personal assessment of this is as follows:

Food quality
Selection of beverages

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